Imagine Yourself Nailing Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year. New Decade. New You!

Imagine unwrapping a big, beautiful New Year’s Gift—the Ultimate Digital Player for your life! There are three big, shiny buttons to help you Fast Forward into the new decade…


Everyone has a busy schedule. As crazy as it sounds, sometimes, the way to be most productive is to Pause. Give yourself time to rest, recover, and refresh so that you can be your best self in the new year.


Press the Replay button and examine the past year. Concentrate on what went right so you can duplicate it in 2020. Don’t be afraid to reflect upon what went wrong. There’s plenty of opportunities to make positive and strategic changes this time around.


You can begin this decade with a new vision and a fresh start. Use the mistakes of the past and the wisdom of the present to propel you forward in the future. From a healthier lifestyle to better time management to having fewer distractions, we've discovered there are some basic keys to help unlock any door to a new you. Join us as we get real about our own successes and failures with past resolutions and strategize for the new year to come.

For more specific goals, you may also want to check out our podcasts on better finances, balance, organization, parenting, career and more. There are also episodes on beating burnout, procrastination, loneliness, negative thinking, and other life hacks.

Here at Imagine Yourself, we’ve dedicated this episode to the New Year and to the New You!

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