Imagine Yourself Pulling the Plug on Procrastination

I will stop procrastinating.

I will stop procrastinating, tomorrow.

I will stop procrastinating, next week.

I will stop procrastinating, next year.

Will I ever stop procrastinating?

Why do we do this to ourselves? Waiting until the last minute to complete an assignment. Putting off health concerns. Holding off on tasks, conversations, or creative pursuits that have the potential to enhance our lives. Why not take back the power of time and use it to our own advantage?

If you’re finally ready to wave good-bye to procrastination, then we have some inspiration and motivation for you. This week’s episode is meant to help anyone who struggles with this sneaky little habit. We jump right into the real reasons we procrastinate. We uncover the lies we tell ourselves and even give a few personal confessions about the areas that seem to trip us up the most. But mainly, we provide some helpful life hacks on how to turn things around for good.

There’s no gift like the present! You could procrastinate....but don’t wait another minute—listen now to this week’s episode that will keep you on track, on schedule, and right on time!

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