Imagine Yourself Giving Burnout the Boot! (w/Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur Josh Schneider)

If you’re looking for a get rich quick trick, all you have to do is write a book and give it the title, “How to Avoid Burnout in One Simple Step!” If someone could solve that dilemma and offer a direct route that leads from burnout to balance, they would be one of the richest and most sought-after influencers in the world.

This episode does not guarantee a one-step process to avoid burnout, but it does offer a regimen and a mindset that can do wonders for anyone who is tired of burning the candle at both ends. We decided to invite a guest who focuses on how we can tap into our most creative, productive, accomplished self while maintaining a work/life balance that will keep us sane and fresh versus frantic and burned out! Josh Schneider is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, husband, and father of three who has some great advice on how we can begin to slow things down, create space in life, and stay innovative in a rapidly changing world.

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur: Josh Schneider

Whether at home, at work or with our relationships, Josh shows how to focus being fulfilled and positive during the process of becoming who we want to be, rather than waiting until we “arrive”. He says the “when I, then I’ll” (WITI) mentality is hurting us. We also discover tricks in our search for time to re-set, which he says is essential not only to fight the burnout battle but to enhance creativity, productivity and happiness.

The holiday season brings joy, but also adds that extra level of expectation with a dash of chaos. We released this in December knowing the need may be even greater; but of course, we fight the balance vs. burnout battle 24/7, 365.

This episode is a game-changer! It can help us start replacing the feelings of being overwhelmed and chaotic with feelings of balance and achievement. Why wait? Listen in today and start the process.

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