Imagine Yourself Empowering the Next Generation w/Kids Empowered on the Move

Girls at Kids Empowered on the Move

What if you could change the world by being a source of light for a young person who could one day illuminate the world?

Ever since childhood, it has always been fascinating that sunshine and a simple magnifying glass could ignite a flame. Such immense power in such an unexpected place. What’s even more exciting is the fact that we, as adults, can serve as bright, supportive lights for young people in our lives (our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, students, neighbors) and end up sparking something deep within them that moves them, inspires them, maybe even saves them from some major pitfalls.

Whenever you watch interviews of successful, innovative people, they will often pay tribute to a parent, teacher, coach, youth leader, or mentor who helped them along the way and gave them the courage and encouragement to believe that they could be somebody exceptional. Can you make that same kind of powerful impact on someone in your sphere of influence?

You don’t to have a Ph.D. in Kid-ology in order to be that light. But, you can take steps to raise your level of awareness of the issues kids are currently facing and enhance your ability to talk to, nurture, advise, advocate for, and actively support that special kid or teen in your life. This episode empowers the adults that will ultimately empower our youth!

Growing up in today’s fast-paced world is no joke. Childhood anxiety, video game addiction, social media overexposure, online dangers, and cyberbullying are concepts that didn’t even exist when we were children. We want to provide hope and support for kids and teens by equipping ourselves with solid skills and proven techniques that will help them as they navigate this new landscape. The upcoming conference Growing Up 2020 from Kids Empowered on the Move gives kids, teens and the adults who care about them practical strategies. Two of the wonderful women who are responsible for this effort were in the studio with us for the latest podcast. Listen in as Kelly Masters and Kimber Bishop-Yanke of Kids Empowered On the Move provide us with everything we need to help move this next generation forward!

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