Organizing 101: Transforming Your Home Into an Oasis (w/Professional Organizer, Nadia Audette)

Workplaces, classrooms, entertainment venues and more: our homes are doing a lot these days! That means it's more important than ever (but much harder) to keep them as clutter-free as possible. Not only that, spending so much time at home is all the more reason it should feel like an oasis.

We definitely need to cut ourselves some slack and realize this is not the time to demand our homes qualify for the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. However, having some order and knowing where things are will cut down our stress tenfold. Many of us are having to be creative and designate areas as workspaces and education centers. One of the key things we hear is that everyone should have their own space to work if that’s possible. Whether it’s the kitchen table, a corner of your bedroom, a home office or you invest in something like a work from home office cubicle, your own space is important. It helps you stay more focused.

Whether you need to clear out a storage space (as you can see from Lanee’s house pictured above), clean out a closet to fit a desk in or you need to get a room, garage or entire house in order, you may need some expert advice.

Professional Organizer and Owner of Essential Living, Nadia Audette

Last year we talked to Professional Organizer and Owner of Essential Living, Nadia Audette. Here are a few of her tips:

ESTABLISH Your Goals. Do you find yourself daydreaming about having an organized household? Maybe you’ve seen a photo in a magazine or on a website, or you’ve been to the home of a neighbor who seems to have it all together. Start by writing down your goals. Make a list of must-haves and wants and take time to visualize the end result!

EVALUATE what you have. Take a good look around and start thinking about how you can de-clutter. Remember, your home is not just a container for your stuff. It’s meant to be a place of joy, peace and order. Notice the areas that are spilling over with too much stuff and get ready to purge the excess.

ENTER. Sometimes this is the hardest part, but if you are willing to carve out time and get down to business, it leads to the most rewarding part. Going through things item by item is tedious work, but it’s important because everything needs to ultimately end up in the proper place.

EXIT STRATEGY. The best way to get to the finish line is to create 4 categories for the items that you come across during the organizing process:

1) Keep: items that are useful and that add value

2) Store: sentimental items and things that do not need regular access

3) Donate: anything in good condition that can be useful for another home

4) Trash: broken, torn, missing pieces, and expired items that need to go

Things might seem impossible at first, but these tips will turn clutter and disorder into a sleek, orderly, organized space.

Ready to dive in deeper and get inspired to make it happen for yourself? In this episode, you'll get more tips, stories and ways to de-clutter! Plus find out just how much being more organized can affect your happiness! You can do this! Take a listen!

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