Imagine Yourself…Understanding Your Why (Discovering What Truly Motivates You)

Who? You.

When? Right now.

Where? Wherever you happen to be sitting.

What? The direction of your life in this season.

Why? Aha!! THAT is the real question!

Why are you choosing the things you’ve been choosing in life? Why have you been moving in certain directions? Why are you doing the things you do and saying the things you say?

WHY does it matter if you understand your WHY?

Well…if you are completely happy with the way your life is, then you might not care about your why, but if you need an extra incentive to keep on going or if you want to make some fresh changes in your life, then we need to reveal the WHY behind it all.

Humans often choose the simplest route to arrive at their destination. However, when discovering your why, you might have to ditch the simple route and surface levels. You might need to embrace different perspectives in order to get different results. You might have to turn on the bright lights, take a good look in the mirror, and get real with yourself.

Do a deep dive. Look for patterns in your life, influences that have had an effect on you, and the inner dialogue you have within your head so that you can figure out your genuine why. After some digging, you might decide it’s best to create a brand new why that can help you rise to be exactly who you want to be, doing what you want to do, when and where you want.

Why should you listen to this episode on Why?

We say, “Why not?”

One of the things we discovered is that knowing "your why" can help you figure out how you will accomplish your goals!

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