Imagine Yourself Resisting the Urge for More, More, More!

We want it! We need it!

We gotta go buy it!

Bigger, better, newer, longer.

Higher, faster, tougher, stronger.

Money, jewelry, clothes, and cars.

Rich, and living like the stars.

Material Girl to the core,

And we still want More, More, More, More!

Excessive living is the “in” thing. We are blasted with messages every day (via ads on television, billboards, social media) that we are not enough on our own and that we NEED MORE stuff, money, beauty products, flashy items in order to pass the test of human acceptance. This is nothing new because we’ve been hit with commercials for decades, but marketing firms and celebrities have definitely upped the game.

Are these the lies that have subconsciously gotten you reeled into the More Zone?

You are what you have.

The more you have, the better you are.

You need more stuff and more fluff.

Let’s face these demands of More and let’s change the game. This is Part 1 of our two-part series on climbing out of that More, More, More Zone.

We selfishly hope that you want MORE uplifting Imagine Yourself Podcast topics to strengthen you from the inside out. We could care less about what fashion designer you’re wearing, but we do care about what emotion you’re wearing! Contact us on Facebook (click below) and let us know.

One of our takeaways on this podcast!

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