Imagine Yourself…Overcoming Rejection w/ Author of "From Reject to Greatness", Thamar Blaise

Thamar Blaise

Let’s start with a girl in middle school….

Very large and unstylish plastic rimmed super thick glasses

Huge helmet hair with shiny braces

And a nerdy, shy, new kid vibe to top it all off.

Let’s move to her middle school crush…

Handsome, Tall, Cool!

Why did her best friend, with the very best intentions, tell him boldly and directly that I liked him?

Why did he LOUDLY announce, “Well I do NOT like her!” in front of everybody?

Why did a little song play in her head as she walked away in defeat…

“Rejected. Rejected. You just got rejected.



Whether it’s the rejection of a little middle school crush or something much deeper and more painful, we want to encourage everyone to take time out and really face the rejection in order to rise to their own personal greatness. We’ve dedicated an entire episode to something that may not be easy but is absolutely worth it!

Please join us as we invite Thamar Blaise to this episode of Overcoming Rejection. She will share her personal story and the strategies that helped her (and many clients) break free from rejection with renewed self-worth! Her book, From Reject to Greatness, highlights these strategies and is available at

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