Imagine Yourself One Change Away From A Healthier Life

The media gives so many mixed messages when it comes to health and nutrition:

Sugar is the enemy. Counting calories is all that matters. Control the cravings. Avoid all fats.

Eat this but not that. Organic vs. natural. You must eat meat. You must never eat meat. Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian. Daily Diets. Drastic Diets. Seafood Diet. See Food Diet. Yo-yo Diets. YOLO Diets. STOP!!

We wanted to get some meaningful answers about how to live healthier and eat healthier, so we invited expert Diane Randall, Whole Living Consultant, to an episode dedicated to the truth about nutrition! Diane advocates "taking small steps toward a huge life". She's an author, college instructor, and whole living consultant and has been at this for 25 years! *

Listen in to discover how changing one small thing every day will lead you to the healthy lifestyle you crave and deserve.

* As with any health issues or eating changes, always check with your doctor first.

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