Imagine Yourself…Living Life Fearlessly W/ “Live Fearless” Guest Kim Adams!

Kim Adams is an in-demand motivational speaker

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being completely carefree and unafraid and 10 being afraid of your own shadow) where do you land on the Fear Meter?

Babies and children come here with the fearless perspective that the world is here for us to explore and enjoy. For protection purposes, we are taught to fear stranger danger, hot surfaces, wild animals, tall stairwells, and even the disapproval of our parents. All of these fears are good—in moderation. But we must remember that there is a limit to fear’s ability to help us. After a while, fear can become a crippling enemy that robs us of our progress, our peace, and our joy.

We can spend our quality time focused on lions and tigers and bears, oh my. We can worry about bullies and muggers and wars, oh dear. We can fret about not enough “likes” or move to an underground bunker because the threat of a zombie apocalypse feels real.

Why not focus instead on the quality time that we have been given to enjoy our loved ones? Why not laugh about the funny thing our pet did last week or the adorable thing our child did last night? Why not post something beautiful and choose to never look at the number of “likes” or plant something beautiful in your yard to make it feel more real?

We cannot predict the future, so it’s wise to prepare ourselves for the fact that unexpected, unpleasant, and unwanted things might come our way. But, let’s choose to live this unexpected life fearlessly. Let’s live life and make decisions that are not steeped in fear. We can start that new business or new relationship or new health regimen without allowing fear to halt our forward progress. We can commit to living life fearlessly!

Kim supports cancer patients and helps raise money for Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure

Our Guest, Radio and TV Personality Kim Adams is the Founder of Live Fearless. Live Fearless is not just rhetoric or some positive affirmation. Kim has lived through Hurricane Katrina, cancer and a looonng list of family and career challenges. Just when she thought she hit rock bottom, she said “there was actually a trap door.” BUT, she’s come out on the other side to not only survive but thrive. She juggles her job at 98.7 The Breeze with other business ventures and involvement in countless charities -- especially those related to cancer (check out Kim’s latest fundraising effort with Race for the Cure HERE). Most importantly, she’s the proud mama of five amazing kids who she’s raising on her own. Kim is genuine, relatable and she wants to help everyone live well despite the fear life can feed us.

We triple dog dare you to listen to what she has to share during this episode on Living Fearless. Don’t allow fear to stop you from listening in!

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