Imagine Yourself Loving What You Do Every Day

Doing What You Love and Loving What You Do! With Guest Dr. Viva Braynen, Executive & Leadership Coach/Consultant

It takes courage and confidence, patience and perseverance to land the career of your dreams. Sometimes we just need good timing and a blessing from above. Here’s the thing: we might be just one footstep away from professional satisfaction. Are you ready to put your foot out there?

One thing we learned this week is that you might be able to make a few minor adjustments at your current job and make a few major adjustments to the way you envision your current job and VOILA, you might already possess the job that provides satisfaction and pays the bills. However, if you search deep and discover that this is never going to be the job for you, then it’s time to take the leap and either hunt for or create something that’s just right.

Dr. Viva Braynen, CEO Braynen Global

We’re not encouraging anyone to quit their current provider of bread and butter to go on a quest for an ideal job. We’re simply inviting you to take a few practical steps towards something that suits you best. We’ve even brought in a guest to highlight these steps for us. Just imagine yourself…doing what you love and loving what you do!

Take that first step by listening to some of the advice our expert, Dr. Viva, shares with us about how to use what you’ve got to get where you want to go!

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