Imagine Yourself Knowing When to Stay in Your Lane

Swimmer ready for competition
Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming—in Your Own Lane

“The ABC’s of Staying in Your Lane”

A) U.S. Swim Regulations state that a swimmer must start and finish the race in their designated lane!

B) Track & Field Regulations state that runners must stay in their assigned lane!

C) Road Work Ahead…drivers must stay in their lane!

D) The Game of Life works best when players know when to stay in their lane!

Do you see a pattern here? We aren’t meant to just zigzag all over the place, hogging all of the lanes, stepping on others’ toes, and getting distracted from our own lane goals. We can thrive if we evaluate what we’re good at, focus on our life’s purpose, and move forward in our designated lane.

Please don’t think that this means you can’t ever go out there and take on a new skill or hobby or adventure—we can tackle life and all of its opportunities without veering into other people’s lanes. Lanee's son is a competitive swimmer who has challenged himself with excelling at the Butterfly and the Freestyle strokes. Nothing wrong with him competing in 2 different events—as long as he doesn’t jump in and do the Butterfly during the Freestyle event!

Our lesson for today focuses on Balance and Self-Control—keep your eyes on the prize of what you’re meant to do, and let everyone else do their own thing in their own lane of life!

Quote About Staying in Your Lane
We're all better off in our own lanes of life!