Imagine Yourself Embracing Self-Love: With Author Sherry Duquet!

Sherry Duquet knows the power of self hugs!

There’s a fun, animated kid’s movie that we all know about, called Despicable Me. We love the cute, little, yellow Minions characters, but did you ever notice how hardcore that ominous title is? Despicable Me.

Do you ever think of yourself that way? Would you like to replace that thinking with something more loving? Like…

Embraceable Me.

Delightfully Me.

Wonderfully Me.

Gleefully Me.

“Gleefully Me” might be over the top, but our goal here is to push you and to pull ourselves up to a new vantage point, one where we embrace self-love and build a foundation of self-confidence.

That’s exactly what our guest, Sherry Duquet, did for others. She wrote a children’s book Violet The Hugging Octopus that promotes uniqueness, self-esteem, and embracing oneself….LITERALLY! Her main character, Violet, has the secret to happiness and confidence, and it has a lot to do with self-hugs. During our episode, Sherry shares how we can take lessons from her fictional story and apply them to our real life. Here’s a great opportunity to see life imitating art.

Join us and our featured Guest Sherry Duquet in the magical world of Imagine Yourself, where we can all transform from Minions to Magnificents by adding a dose of Self-Love and Self-Confidence to our day!

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