Imagine Yourself Being Less Judgmental

Don't Be a Judgy McJudger

Do you ever sort your socks and look for holes and tears and snags and make piles of KEEP or TOSS? Ever find yourself doing that with people?

Do you put on your imaginary judge’s robe and evaluate their lives and determine whether they’re worth keeping or tossing?

Would you rather make judgment calls on someone else’s flaws so that you don’t have to face and fix your own flaws?

We get it. There’s a time and a place for helpful advice, constructive criticism, and bettering oneself. But there’s also a fine line between that and stepping into the role of “I, Judgy McJudger, am here to judge you and everything you’re doing WRONG!”

Please understand that this is a heavy topic, and we don’t have the game mastered yet, but we promise complete transparency, and we have lots of examples and strategies and tips on how to do a better job of enjoying life, others, and yourself while ditching most of the negative, judgy thoughts and behaviors.

It’s not like we’re judging you, but you really ought to listen to our podcast to make absolutely sure that you’re not one of those judgmental types!!

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