Imagine Yourself As Your Own Cheerleader w/Personal Brand Strategist & Author, Isha Cogborn

There is a good reason why there are dozens of movies and plenty of hype surrounding cheerleaders. They are the first line of promotion when it comes to encouraging the fans to stand up and cheer. They also epitomize the self-assurance and motivation necessary to loudly declare that this team has got what it takes to get the ultimate win. Today, at Imagine Yourself, we would like you to picture yourself walking around with the confidence and spirit of a cheerleader. Now, this doesn’t mean carrying around pom-poms and chanting witty rhymes, but it does mean living deliberately, promoting your personal brand, and genuinely believing in your ability to win!

In order to learn the poised and purposeful ways of a bona fide Spirit Squad, we had to enlist the help of guest Isha Cogborn. Personal Brand Strategist, Certified Life Coach, and Author of the new book, On Purpose: Practical Strategies to Live Your Best Life, Isha Cogborn shares the importance of remembering to root for yourself. However, cheerleaders are part of a team, and Isha also reminds us that it’s not just about us. Ultimately, your goal should be to deliver your very best to those you serve and to your community, whether you find yourself supporting the base of the pyramid or shining from the top.

Give me a Y! Give me an O! Give me a U! What does it spell? YOU! That’s who we want listening in as we dig deep with Guest Isha Cogborn on how to highlight our personal brand, our products, our services, and ourselves in order to turn potential success into reality.

Personal branding helps us create our own opportunities!

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