How Faith is Quieting Fear (w/Guest, Chrystal Krajnovich)

Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

Imagine Yourself Finding Your Strength with Faith

Faith has the most amazing quality of being intangible yet one of the most important things we can grab hold of in life. Have you noticed a resurgence of faith in the world lately? We have, and we wanted to talk about the benefits of incorporating faith in our lives with our guest, Chrystal Krajnovich. A former broadcast journalist and woman of deep faith, Chrystal brings a unique perspective on how the media, the church, and our own relationships all play a part in how we choose to maneuver through life’s unexpected challenges. We get very personal about how we are learning to build and flex our faith muscles.

It seems like we could all use an extra dose of faith in our lives right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked our world, to say the least. As in all times of uncertainty, we look for clarity and comfort. We can find some of both in faith.

The most recent Imagine Yourself podcast episodes have all been dedicated to topics that focus on the good that still exists: faith, hope, and staying centered in the midst of everything going on. Holding on to these ideals as well as love, light, blessings, unity, strength, and perseverance will be the threads that will ultimately hold us all together.

Continue to keep the faith and listen in as we share our stories and tips on how to stay strong in these unprecedented times.

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