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Help for a High-Priced Holiday Season w/Financial Coach Kembala Evans


It’s no secret that prices have gone through the roof lately. The cost of everything from filling up your gas tank to filling up your shopping cart has spiked. From cat food to cars and hamburgers to houses, we are feeling a big pain in the wallet. Not to mention, sometimes we just consider ourselves lucky to even FIND what we set out to purchase. Words that most folks don’t hear much outside of an economics class like “supply chain” and “inflation” are now common in everyday language. That’s just where we are in holiday season 2021. 

Enter financial coach and author, Kembala Evans. In last week’s chat with her on Don't Make These Money Mistakes, we got some great insight into personal finance and a ton of easy-to-implement tips. In this bonus mini-episode, we feature an additional part of our discussion with Kembala on the challenges presented by this year’s unique economic environment. Along with detailing some ideas to help us handle our money, we take a step back and look at what is truly important to keep in mind during the holiday season and beyond. 

What to Say and not say when someone is going through hard times


When people in our lives are going through grief or adversity, our hearts break for them. We want to help them, encourage them, let them know we are there for them. As we recorded this episode, Lanee was in the midst of what she called THE toughest season of her life. She gives us advice on what she feels was helpful, not helpful, or even hurtful. Keeping in mind that people are not the same, have different needs and respond in various ways, we take an honest look designed to assist those standing beside people who are going through times of trial and tragedy. Inspired by our previous episode, “Finding Joy on the Good and Bad Days” with author and singer Lee Cruz, we also explore the role of faith as we walk through adversity ourselves and with those around us.

How Humor can help in hard times


When a crisis hits or heartbreak happens, it’s certainly no laughing matter. However, at some point in our coping process, humor may have a place. Last week’s guest on the episode “Knocking Down Life’s Obstacles”,  Lisa Jesswein talked about how learning to laugh at things helped her survive and even thrive during some pretty extreme adversity. In this bonus episode, we’ll hear a little more on that from Lisa and talk about how it’s helped us also.  Through all of it, we hope to encourage and equip you to use humor to help where it's appropriate as well..

Why Looking Back Can Move Us Forward


When you get together with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, it’s fun to reminisce about the good old days! It can also be therapeutic talking about the not-so-good old days. It’s not so different when you write in a journal and then look back on it days, weeks, years and even decades later! In this bonus episode, we reflect on last week’s chat with Tareka Wheeler of Professional DNA, Change Your Life By Changing The Way You See Yourself. In that episode, we discovered the tremendous power of journaling; and how we can use the past to help us in the present AND plan for the future. If you are a non-journaler like Sandy, you may finally decide to take the leap. If so, we have some easy tips. If you already journal, you’ll benefit from some unique ways to use it in your life.  And, no matter what, we think you’ll laugh along and learn some powerful lessons as Lanee takes a trip to her middle-school diaries. We hope these lessons lead to some profound revelations to help you with your own self-discovery.

When You Feel Like You’re Not Enough


Feeling like we’re not enough is all too common these days. In a culture that seems to encourage us to be crushing everything on our calendars all while creating Instagram-perfect moments, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged. In this bonus follow-up episode for  Can You Really Let Go and Let God? ,  author & speaker Erica Wiggenhorn talks about feelings of inadequacy, imposter syndrome and how our faith in God can ultimately rescue us.

what are you doing 
differently to achieve your dreams?


Whether you’re re-visiting an old dream and looking for fresh tactics or have a brand-new vision brewing for your life, the next few minutes may give you just the spark you need. In this bonus episode, we reflect on our last episode with best-selling author Bianca Slone “Is It Finally Time to Make Your Dream a Reality?”. We take the tips and mindsets she used when she decided it was time to re-new her quest to write novels and apply them to our dreams. We also explore some options that would work for anyone who is ready to step into their vision. It may be a whole new career path, a side hustle, opening new doors because you’re now an empty nester or retiring, whatever the reason, we want to encourage your dream and give you some tools you may not have tried.

How DO I Hear from God?


How do people hear from God? There are many opinions and stories. For most, it’s not through an audible voice, but it can be just as clear to the hearer.  In this bonus episode, we  reflect on two episodes we had recently on faith: When You’re Waiting on God with Lorie Barnwell and Releasing Shame and Perfectionism: Writer Candice Miller Shares her Faith Journey.

In both episodes, the power of prayer and the fact that it was not a one-way conversation played a huge part in some major breakthroughs and divine revelations for our guests. In this bonus mini-episode, we reflect upon and open up about ways we believe we have heard from God personally and explore the ways it may happen. 

How to do it afraid


Are you tired of letting fear stop you? While appropriate in some situations, at times our fears can seem to paralyze from doing things we want to do for ourselves or others. It can leave us short of our goals and dreams. If you can’t stop the fear, sometimes you have to just push past it. That can be easier said than done. In this bonus episode, we reflect on what we learned from our expert guest, Grace Brown in episode 11 called “Moving From Fears to Fierce”.  We applied some of her tips and tactics to our own fears. From little victories to big gains, we learned how sometimes you have to feel the fear but do it anyway.

life lessons from Grandma susie


There’s probably no better way to learn valuable life lessons than looking to our elders. As a follow-up to our previous episode entitled Second Chances at Life and Love , we had a chance to reflect on what we learned, actions we’re taking and ideas for you. Lanee thought back to her Grandma Susie who held the key to some major inspiration! Interestingly, it wasn’t just about what she did in her youth, but what she did in her later years that gave us some potentially life-changing lessons. Click play for some timeless “Grandma Susie motivation” and many other marvelous takeaways from our previous guest, author Jeanne Hussin.

Tips to help you fall asleep


Trouble falling asleep or getting back to sleep after waking in the middle of the night is something most  people deal with at some point in their lives. Whether it’s a minor annoyance or an every-night issue for you, we think you’ll find this short episode helpful. It was inspired by our guest, sleep expert and therapist Katelyn Anderson on the podcast How to Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep. In it, she talked about the intersection between mental health and sleep and dished out a ton of helpful advice. An important caveat that many of us miss with sleeping tips (like anything else) is that if it’s difficult to fit into our lifestyle, the chance of success decreases. In this mini-episode, we tell you what happened when we tried out some of the tactics she gave us and added some of our own. We hope that you get some ideas and inspiration that you can customize for yourself.  Take a few minutes to listen now, and it just may help to you to sleep better tonight!

What Do You Want to Be Known For?


What do you want to be known for? It’s an interesting and profound question to ask yourself. In this mini-episode, a follow-up to our episode with Coach and Consultant Heather Wolfson,  Opening the Door to What's Next in Your Life, we did just that. Many of us are investigating or full-out heading into new opportunities right now; but are we asking ourselves the right questions and making the right preparations before we jump in? Is it going to serve our values and enhance what we want to be known for? In this episode, we used what we learned from Heather and took an honest look at this for ourselves. Our goal is to help you learn to do the same. Plus, we have a few tips to help you zoom in on the next right step in your journey. 

Learning When to Say No to Yourself


Part of setting healthy boundaries involves those you set with yourself. When we interviewed coach Leslie Hoerner in our last podcast titled Finding Balance Through Boundaries, one of the topics that came up was saying no to ourselves. It had a big personal impact on us both because we had typically thought setting boundaries was all about pointing outward. While setting boundaries definitely includes (and maybe even emphasizes) our relationships and how may need to set limits with others, it’s also about those “no’s” we have to say to ourselves. Of  course doing that is not usually easy; but Leslie gave us some sound strategies to help. This episode is what happened when we followed Leslie’s tips. Hopefully, it helps you too!  

Quick Home Hacks


Here’s what happened when we decided to try some of the tips our last guest gave us for home décor and organization.  We hope these little hacks/ideas will inspire you! Thanks to our guest,  Meah Pace (5 Easy Ways to Turn Your House Into a Home Sweet Home)  and our guest from last season’s Organization 101, Nadia Audette. We were able to incorporate ideas from both. Enjoying your home is such a boost for your state of mind!  Check out the full episodes for more details.

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